Technology Portfolio

This is where I’m going to be building up my technology portfolio. I’ve enrolled in the technology specialization offered at the University of Lethbridge and I need to be able to show off all my tech-savvy know-how.

Note that I’ve moved all my 3D printing work off into its own menu category because of the amount of work I’ve put into it and the amount that it’s grown. So this section of my portfolio will be for my technology portfolio MINUS the 3D printing work.

For Differentiation

In our first semester technology class, a group of my classmates and I used Prezi to create a demonstration on the uses that technology can have specifically for students who are learning with ADHD.


Digital Citizenship

In the same class, we created a Mindmeister map on the topic of
Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship. And yet for all my tech-savvy-ness, I still can’t manage to embed a Mindmeister map.
Internet as a Medium

Let’s give this one a try: The Cloud!

Then there was internet searches…

And last but not least, the advantages of video conferencing.


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