One of the things that I wanted to start doing in my science classroom was to incorporate some of my love of science history into the classes. I’m a bit torn because I could put some extra effort into finding topics related to the course content and branch out from there, but I also feel like I would potentially be limiting myself in terms of what I could bring into what is essentially a starting routine for my classes, and also limiting the focus of science to what we happen to be talking about in class today. One of the reasons that I want to do this is to try and open up my students’ imaginations and to get a sense that science isn’t just chemistry or just biology, but something that’s much farther-reaching and non-constraining than a single hour-long course every day.

So here are are a few slides with examples of what I would do for a few days’ worth of “Today in Science.”

Today in Science

Also, yes, I know, I still need to finish this page.


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