Planning and Preparation: 3, 4, 6

“Nathan utilized the program of studies when preparing formal lesson plans and made sure to hit outcomes.” – PS3 Mentor Teacher

“During a formal observation Nathan demonstrated the ability to plan according to the Alberta program of studies, deliver relevant information,and provide appropriate practice opportunities. The lesson plan was thoughtful, logical, and included relevant curricular objectives and detailed information about what will be accomplished in the class.” – PS3 Administrator

“[Nathan] has shown strength in his lesson planning.” – PS1 Mentor Teacher

#3: Programing Guidelines
#4: Subject Disciplines
#6: Purpose of Planning
3: The teacher understands the purposes of the Guide to Education and programs of study germane to the specialization or subject disciplines they are prepared to teach. They know how to use these documents to inform and direct their planning, instruction and assessment of student progress.
4: Complete a structured program of studies by acquiring the knowledge, concepts, methodologies, and assumptions in one or more areas of specialization or subject disciplines taught in Alberta schools.
6: Know how to translate curriculum and desired outcomes into reasoned, meaningful, and incrementally progressive learning opportunities for students. Vary plans to accommodate individuals and groups of students.

Here are some examples of my planning documents for the lessons that I’ve taught, demonstrating my knowledge of my subject discipline and my planning into how to relate curriculum content to my lessons:
Lesson Plan – Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Quiz – Quadratic Functions
Unit Checklist – Quadratic Functions
Quadratic Functions Unit and Assessment Plan
Long-Range Plan – Physics 20, Fall 2015