High School Fashion Studies: Accessories

There is a high school course that exists within the Alberta curriculum called FAS2160: Creating Accessories 2. As the “2” suggests, this is an intermediate level course with some prerequisites. The focus of the course is creating fashion accessories. As this is a course where creation and design are the focus of the course, so 3D printing is a prime avenue to pursue here.

I designed an optional assignment for within the course, as not everyone who’d take it would be well-versed in the ways of digital design.

The full Word document with curriculum connections and activity design can be downloaded right here for you to access and modify as needed: High School Fashion Studies: Accessory Design

You can also find the activity and the models that I built here on Thingiverse.

Real-Life Connections: 3D printing has been an accessory for the fashion industry (pun intended) for years now; not just in the creation of accessories but for clothing and shoes too.

Differentiation: Like I said above, this should be an optional assignment since the fashion industry makes use of 3D printers, but they are not a necessity of the industry. So while there may be some students in the class that have an interest in digital design and 3D printing, not all students need to attempt this assignment.

Design Programs: For this level of schooling, I would recommend the use of Blender, ZBrush, or 123D Design as design tools, but if the students have experience with other design programs, then they may use whatever is available.

Results: Here is what I made: It’s a pendant that I printed with dual-extrusion (not all printers have this feature), and the included progress pictures to demonstrate the process that I used to design it. The program I used is Blender 2.76.

There are many MANY more examples of what can be designed through other sources on the internet. Here are a few more images of designs that other users have created and then shared to the website, MyMiniFactory.

Assessment: In the assignment document, I included a rubric and grading criteria based off of the finished project, the write-up, and how well they document the process on the assignment. The rationale behind this last piece is because of the possibility of plagiarism. There are many designs on the internet already and students should be designing their own unique pieces, not modifying what someone else has made.